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Dental implants are pieces of titanium that replace the natural root of the tooth. These pieces are integrated into the bone in a natural way (osseointegration), making the implant a support for the new tooth. At the Boca Dental Clinic, we are specialists in dental implants in Marbella and we provide answers and solutions to every case that arises.

Dental implants in Marbella have undergone a great evolution and nowadays, they allow us to offer implantology solutions that guarantee the comfort and safety of the patient and even in the most extreme cases, with the zygomatic implants and/or the "ALL on FOUR" implant system and others that ensure a correct fixation of the dental prosthesis and avoid premature overloading of the dental implants.

Image of how a natural tooth and a dental implant is fixed to the bone

Innovation in implantology

For patients who have completely lost their jawbone, there are also options, in this case it would be through the placement of zygomatic dental implants. With this implant technique, there is no need for bone grafting.

In our dental clinic, we don't leave anyone without a solution. We use the most advanced techniques and the best materials in all treatments, we are convinced that the success of our work consists in providing a quality service that leaves the patient satisfied.

Our dental implants in Marbella offer our patients a revolutionary surface inspired by nature, enriched with calcium and phosphorus, mineral components of bone tissue, which promote rapid osseointegration.

When can dental implants be used?

When only one tooth is missing. A separate dental implant is placed that does not damage healthy adjacent teeth (unlike older solutions such as fixed bridges).

When several pieces (teeth) are missing. A bridge supported by dental implants is placed, a solution that avoids the use of prostheses, which are attached to the neighbouring teeth, wearing them out and favouring the formation of cavities.

When all the pieces (teeth) are missing. A full dental prosthesis is fixed on a certain number of dental implants and ensures the patient's comfort and safety when chewing, talking and smiling.

How are dental implants placed in Marbella?

It's very simple and fast. The dental implant is performed under local anesthesia. After a few weeks (from 8 to 24, depending on the patient), measures are taken, also very simply, to attach the prosthesis to the dental implant.

Can the tooth be applied immediately to the dental implant?

Only the specialist can say whether it is possible to place the prosthesis immediately on the dental implant or in a second phase (8 to 24 weeks). It will depend on the type of bone of each patient, the surgical procedure, etc.

Is dental implant fixation safe?

Dental implants are the best solution, because they integrate directly into the bone.

How will I feel during the healing time of the dental implant?

Recovery is immediate or very brief. The implanted patient can return to normal life in a short period of time (1 or 2 days). You'll only notice slight discomfort.

Can I have dental implant rejection?

It's very unlikely. Dental implants are made of surgical titanium, a biocompatible, inert and stable material. Every year thousands of dental implants are placed in Marbella and the results are excellent, with an almost total success rate.

Oral Surgeon in Marbella

Dr. Alfonso Moreno

Oral Surgeon, Periodontist and Implantologist

Maxillofacial surgeon in Marbella

Dr. Francisco Galeas

Maxillofacial Surgeon, Medical and Aesthetic Medicine

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